Species: Whale
Occupation: Whale
First Appearance: Episode 66
Latest Appearance: Episode 68


Whales, among other huge sea-mammals and large fish, were supposedly extinct long before the apocalypse due to The Good Directorate dumping toxic waste into the water for decades. However, it appears as though at least one remains. It lives in the sea near the shore of the ruined city and seems to swallow almost anything that gets near its maw, even entire ships. It has several large cavities in its body, partially filled with air, water, and junk. When the whale swallowed Snippy during the test of a flying machine, Snippy turned one of those cavities into his home until he escaped through the whale's blowhole. Right before his escape Snippy stumbled upon a nest of cake spiders in one of the cavities. It is unknown how the spiders ended up there.

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