Hostile Wastelanders: encountered by Mr. Snippy when he was out looking for supplies from a shopping list provided by Captain. This group had their own leader and at least 3 more members. They tied Snippy to a chair, most likely for later interrogation. When the sniper tried to escape by tipping his chair over, one of the group's members discovered him and suggested a beating. Cancer's first ever appearance interrupted any punishment Snippy may have been about to receive. It's likely that the monster (also known as Biomass 117) killed and assimilated the whole group of wastelanders at that point. It is unknown whether there are any survivors left, though the chance is quite low. The wastelanders seemed to do a good job at gathering guns and supplies, and must have had at least one working generator for electricity. Additionally they had several flasks of highly flammable substances stored in their hideout. Said hideout was subsequently destroyed in the battle between Cancer and Mr. Snippy.

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