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Hi Eleveen,

would you mind adding some more pictures to the RA Wiki? There have been some new items and monsters added as well as some eastereggs.

It would be very good if we had the three wallpapers for the 'sandwich malfunction' incident (eastereggs, links are in the text) as well.

Thanks :) -- 09:12, September 26, 2012

What's New?Edit

Hey Eleeveen, I'm back from school. Now I can work on the wiki fully, but I do not know how to edit the sources or such from the front page (I only know how to do the simple Visual tab), I was going to ask you to move the Items of Interest to be centered and if you could link the Annet's Reawakening Story Arc link to the respected page. Thanks. If you have any questions, drop by my page and chat.

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