About Me

My username is VodkaEagle, but anyone can call me Alex for short. I started reading Romantically Apocalyptic after the co-op Alexius did with Explosm and their comic "Cyanide and Happiness". I started the wiki here because, when I first read Romantically Apocalyptic, I was confused on what exactly was happening, so I thought, "Let's help other readers out there who want to jump in and need to know more about the comic and the characters!" So now we have four admins, Eleeveen, TehAnonymous, Nady-tan, and Alexius himself! This wiki is here to help new-comers or confused readers who wanna be able to either figure out who is who, or for current readers to help newcomers/catch up with the story. So, welcome and enjoy the entire wiki! :D

Favorite Things: Warm Tea, Hot Coffee, Snow, Cold Wind, Science, Computer Technology, Video Games (not Agry Birds or the casual shit), and Romantically Apocalyptic. My Favorite Pages

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