The Arbitrator
Notable Colors:      Orange
Occupation: Morality Violation Overseer
Planet Dismantler
First Appearance: 104 Episode Episode 104
Latest Appearance: 105 Episode Episode 105

The Arbitrator

Sent to Earth by the alien Invaders Union as morality violation overseer for the Captain, after the Biomass 117 was defeated.


The Arbitrator is a huge alien creature that has roughly the shape of a sea-elephant or maybe a spider with a crystaline, orange-brown surface/skin, six legs and a single greenish-blue eye.

Skills and abilities

Able to scan for lifeforms.

Accidentally disintegrated Mr. Snippy on it's arrival, but was able to reassemble him.

Other abilities are yet to be revealed.

Role in story

The alien arrived on Earth, just when Mr. Snippy had uncovered a plot to kill the Captain, that involved the mug. Snippy refused to return the potential dangerous mug to the Captain and was thus targetted by the Arbitrator, who seems to have only a very rough description of the Captain's appearance.

Since it wasn't able to locate any other sentient bipedal being in the vicinity and Snippy was holding the Captain's mug the Arbitrator is convinced that the Captain is nothing more than a split personality of Mr. Snippy.

It is planning to kidnap the sniper and take him into custody and destroying the Earth.

Aliens' reason to destroy the Earth

While the aliens first thought the dead Earth would be perfect for colonializing, the Arbitrator now has orders to destroy it. It seems the high amount of radioactive dust in the atmosphere shielded the still operating ANNET-system from discovery until the Biomass found out about it while scanning Mr. Snippy's memories. The aliens fear the ANNET as they see it as an anorganic parasite that feeds on the thoughts of sentient beings. They are ready to rather destroy the Earth than have the ANNET take over more worlds.

The Biomass explained to Snippy, that the Earth is contaminated with the ANNET's Grid from far underground till high up in the troposphere (the part of the atmosphere weather phenomenons take place in, ends at altitude of ~10km). this could be a hint that the hostile snowflakes encountered by the squad are indeed probes sent by the ANNET.

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