Infobox character

Infobox character

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{{Infobox character

How to fill:

  • Name: Character name.
  • Image: Image of the character.
  • Aliases: Alternate names and nicknames. Leave blank if none.
  • Notable Colors: Colors often used to identify the character. (ex. Captain is referred to with purple.) Leave blank if none.
  • Notable Color Box: The hex code or HTML name of the notable color. (ex. "DarkViolet" or "#9400D3" for Captain.) HTML color names can be found here. Leave blank if none.
  • Gender: The gender of the character. (ex. Male/Female/Unspecified) Leave blank if it is unimportant.
  • Species: Species of the character. (ex. Human, Alien, Mutant, etc.)
  • Occupation: The character's occupation. (ex. Engineer is an Engineer and minion of Captain.) Include former positions. Leave blank if none.
  • First Episode: The first Episode that the character appears in. (ex. 86)
  • Last Episode: The latest Episode that the character was seen in. (ex. 103)
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