Uses: Drinking.
Owned By: Captain
First Appearance: 6 Episode Episode 6
Latest Appearance: 97 Episode Episode 97

Captain uses the straw to drink without removing his gasmask. Due to an incident in the past he isn't willing to share it with anybody. According to Mr. Snippy this is the only non-radioactive straw in a radius of 10,000 miles.


A simple white bendy straw apparently made of plastic.

Skills and abilities

Mr. Snippy overheard the straw talking. It seems to be able to poison fluids. The mug has accused the straw of having filters, the straw has denied this.

Role in story

In his Ask-blog Captain has stated, that the Straw likes 'hugs' almost as much as the ANNET and would probably kill anybody not as lucky as Captain himself. Since the straw was seen by Mr. Snippy plotting with the mug and a ladybug to kill the Captain, this might actually be true, even though Captain seems to be its actual main target.

The straw and the mug seem to have independantly from each other tried to poison the Captain on various occasions, even though they were apparently sent by the same hostile party (probably the ANNET). This leaves room to speculate, that the two different poisons added to the Captain's tea might have somehow cancelled each other out everytime.

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