Stalky the Stalker

Stalky the Stalker was originally the Fan-Made Original Character of Deviant Art user Zerrnichter, who won the OC fan contest.

He first appears in comic 86 where he puts a bra beside a sleeping Captain, so he can draw the Captain dressed up in it. Stalky seems to believe Captain is female.

Stalky even goes so far as entering Captain's room while he sleeps, and refilling the Captain's mug. This led to fans speculating that Stalky is the secret source of Captain's never ending tea supply. But it is unknown how long Stalky has already been following the squad.

Stalky's gender has not yet been revealed on the three pages of the comic that he has so far appeared in.

Stalky is associated with the color pink.


He first appeared whispering his own version of the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" and refilling Captain's mug while the latter was asleep. Stalky is mostly seen stalking and doing things like sketching a nude portrait of Zee Captain, in an obvious parody of the Titanic movie.

He later seems to have developed an obsession to catch the Lifealope in order to make a pair of fluffy slippers for the Captain from it's fur, much to the Lifealope's annoyance. He seems to lack real hunting skills though, as the Lifealope has successfully escaped him more than once. His attempts may be futile anyway, as it is unclear, whether the avatar of life can actually be killed. The only reason Stalky may have survived the very hazardous chase so far himself, might be that the Lifealope's presence automatically healed him or even revived him several times already.

As for his background story, some of it can be deducted from his notes in issue 101- prior to the apocalypse he seemed to have been a soldier, whose brigade "fell to the unmentionable horror"; since then, however, he seems to have aimlessly wandered the wastes, til one fateful day, when he came across a Note entailing a guide to the "Treasure of Captonia." This note was most likely drawn by Pilot, or perhaps by Captain himself. After attempting to discover the 'treasure,' Stalky tripped and fell down a ruined roadway, losing his gas masks' filter as he did. Unfortunately, he landed on an undetonated bomb filled with some strange chemical smelling of pancakes, which quickly made its' way into his body through his now-broken mask, apparently causing him to become obsessed with Captain. Since then, he has followed the Captain around, seeming completely obsessed with him.


Stalky wears a broken gas mask that covers his face with pink goggles and a round hole (where the filter broke off), that gives him a slight skull-shaped visage. Since he accidentally inhaled substance from an undetonated but broken biohazard bomb, pink smoke with heart-shaped bubbles seems to be constantly emitted from that broken filter. He wears a camouflage military helmet and a complete backpack with matching pattern. A black military jacket with black gloves and matching pants and boots.


As a rarely seen character, his personality remains a mystery, besides his constant craving for spying on the Captain, that seems to drive him to insane actions at times.

Skills and Equipment

Stalky's headgear consists of a gas mask with big, pink-colored round lenses and a concave and equally round hole right above his mouth and below the nose, where the filter used to be before it broke of. Now there is constantly pink smoke emitting from it. He wears a set of military camouflage gear; helmet and pack, black leather jacket reaching to his knees with matching gloves. His pants are identically black with military boots, and a pair of military binoculars are seen hanging by his side. His weapon of choice is a spade.

As he managed to infiltrate the squad's HQ without being noticed, Stalky seems to have some abilities in hiding and sneaking. On the other hand, said HQ was lacking a few walls, so the difficulty level of that task might not have been that high.

Stalky states that he has a permit to operate the Mecha-Battlestations, when he tries to recapture the Liferobot from Lifealope.

Pink Smoke

The pink smoke of unknown properties, Stalky is constantly exhaling, has it's origin in him getting into contact with an undetonated but broken bomb filled with bioweapons. What exactly was inside the bomb is unknown (bacteria, viruses or maybe DNA-altering microbes are some of the possibilities). The smoke represents Stalky's addiction to Zee Captain.

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