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Credit to Alexiuss

Sniper is the second main character in the webcomic series "Romantically Apocalyptic" by Vitaly S Alexius. He is refered to as "Sniper" but it is found out that his actual name is "Charles Snippy". He is often called "Mr.Snippy" or just "Snippy" by Captain. Other than his visions of the past, present and or future and inability to discern which is which he is considered the only sane member of the group, besides Engineer.


In the flashbacks after he is stuck in the monster "Cancer", it is found out he worked for The GOOD Directorate Inc as a stereotypical pencil pusher. Snippy is part of the 1% population that cannot connect to the Internet via a neural interface, and so can not Interact with The Directorate's "ANNET" system, the computer program and all that controls the technology and back-ups people's memories into a cloud database and allows people to browse the internet in their sleep. Due to this, he was able to survive from Annet when Captain corrupted her data banks by spilling tea into them. Before this he was transferred to the "Dead Zone Tourism" branch of GOOD DIRECTORATE, where he led tourists on journeys to see the wasteland the Earth had become due to the activities of the Directorate. This resulted in the deaths of everyone he was assigned to look after and left him alone in Wasteland, setting up the plot for Romtically Apocalyptic. It was discovered in a page of Pilot's diary that Sniper is an Athiest. It is suggested in his diary entrees, that he is British.


Sniper is seen wearing a custom-created Gasmask with blue goggles, but unlike other characters, it is shown that his goggles can act like eyebrows, giving him a wide range of expresssions. He wears a black and white "New Age Styled" (Good Directorate issue) Officer Uniform with hoodie that is 100% fireproof. Before Comic #26, he carried a rifle with him, but after, he lost his rifle until Comic #44

Sniper drinking coffee without a mask

when he grabbed another one. His face is shown to be thin with scruffy dark brown hair and light blue eyes.


Sniper is the only person in Captains group deemed "sane", unlike Captain, who is utterly insane, and Pilot who has built a Father-Son relationship with Captain, almost to the point of religious fanaticism. As a result it is Sniper who is forced to carry out most of Captains dangerous and often bizzare requests.

He is the most serious person in the group and the only one with any amount of common sense. This puts him at odds with the more whimsical Captain, yet the two are shown to get along fine. He is shown to express contempt and sarcasm at Captain from time to time. He fights with Pilot often, perhaps originating from a plot by Pilot to get him eaten by a whale. This resulted in Sniper attempting to strangle Pilot after he escaped.