The Shapeshifting Creature / Life Avatar is the main character in the Spin-Off/Tie-In of Romantically Apocalyptic that's currently released every Wednesday.

It is an Avatar of "Cancer" that grew from the same viral spores that created "Cancer Biomass" in a radioactive waste puddle.

The spore that grew into Life Avatar was damaged from the radioactive waste + semi-active pathogen fallout present on Earth after the WAR that exterminated 99% of Human life on Earth.

Because it's DNA memory was damaged, Life Avatar did not seek to connect with the Biomass.

Life Avatar has the ability to terraform an area (Radioactive grass or normal grass is unknown).


The creature has the ability to shapeshift into any form it appears to desire. It has shown that where ever it walks, it teraforms the area back into grassy areas. It is known that Cancer can kill it's teraforming.

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