A puzzle-toy in Snippy's possession he uses to pass the time, when he is bored.


A cube consisting of smaller cubes, so each face of the big cube consisting of nine faces of the smaller cubes. The faces of the cubes come in the colors white, blue, cyan, green, red, orange or yellow. (See Eastereggs)

Role in storyEdit

Mr. Snippy used this toy to pass the time, when Captain forgot him stuck to the roof of a crashed subway-train.

The goal of the game is to arrange all the small cubes in a way that all faces of the big cube sport only a single color.

When Snippy managed to solve the rubik's cube, he suddenly came free. The cube got unsolved again, though, when the sniper crashed to the the floor of the subway.

It is unknown, whether the sniper still keeps the cube.

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