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Romantically Apocalyptic is an online web-comic created by Vitaly S Alexius with assistance of Meeshka and Chico.

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I am The Captain . The year is 20__ something something.
I stopped counting a while ago, and therefore not sure what day it is.
Humanity is virtually wiped out in a nuclear holocaust.
Me and my last squad: pilot, sniper and engie, live in the wasteland ruins of tomorrow.
This is my story.
I am captain.

The story takes place in a postapocalyptic future. It follows the characters Charles Snippy/Mr. Snippy, Alexander Gromov/Engie, Zee Captain/Subject 7, and Pilot/Christophorus Hatchenson


Romantically apocalyptic is produced by Vitaly S Alexius with assistance of Meeshka and Chico.


Using: Photoshop, live actors, dead actors, sexy assistants, greenscreen, a camera, and a Wacom tablet. Each comic page is meticulously digitally painted and contains 6 years worth of textures: 1 terabyte of stock footage, shot in real abandoned, forgotten places of our world.




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