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Red Balloons
Uses: Flying machine.
Owned By: Pilot
First Appearance: 62 Episode Episode 62
Latest Appearance: 87 Episode Episode 87

The only flying machine Pilot has managed to get to work so far was a lawnchair with dozens of balloons tied to it.


Pretty red balloons tied to black strings and filled with helium to make them float.

Role in story

Pilot has tied those balloons to almost anything else he came across in the wasteland as well, even an enraged crawler monster, which he later named Photoshop. The only thing he didn't manage to make fly was a ship, which was just too heavy.

Stalky also appears to have one in his possession.

Pilot used the flying lawnchair in an attempt to get rid of Mr. Snippy. He left it on the beach for Captain to find and Snippy to test. The unlucky sniper drifted off to the sea and was swallowed by a hungry whale, completely with the lawnchair and the balloons. This has not helped to improve the relationship between Snippy and Pilot.

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