Recruitment Note
The note
Uses: Recruiting new minions for Captain's crew.
Created By: Captain
Owned By: Engineer (Momentarily)
First Appearance: Episode 64
Latest Appearance: Episode 87

A flier written by Captain in the hopes to attract more minions to the ranks of his army.


The flier read:

"HELLO SIR OR MADAM! I am recruiting for the most AMAZING ARMY! It would be the most benefactory for YOU to join! Cheers, ZEE Captain" along with a self portrait of the Captain.

Role in storyEdit

The note was crumpled up and torn to shreds by an enraged Dr. Gromov during the Cancer arc.

Stalky seems to have found and restored the note later, decorating his hideout with it.

It is unknown whether Captain created more of those fliers and who else may have found them.

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