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Pilot by alexiuss.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: DEX/Cyborg
Notable Colors:      Green
Occupation: DEX-M Hunter
Minion of Captain
Aliases: SG Christophorus Hatchenson
Christophorus Pi Hatchenson
DEX-M unit 966912
First Appearance: Episode 0-10
Latest Appearance: Episode 276

Pilot is the third main character of Romantically Apocalyptic. He is also one of the four original main characters, the others being Captain, Snippy, and Alexander Gromov. He is a DEX cyborg whose face was caught in a temporal explosion, causing it to simultaneously exist and not exist. Due to the catastrophic event, his personality and mind were completely changed, as well as his functioning status as a DEX. It was revealed in entries 195 and 196 that before Pilot was caught in the explosion, he was known as Christophorus P. Hatchenson, a private investigator DEX for hire.


Pilot is imaginative and outgoing, with a notable understanding of the absurd world around him. His most outstanding trait would be his fierce loyalty to Zee Captain and, later, Snippy.

Up until entry 157, he is shown to have a large disdain for Snippy, one that Pilot first feels as a result of Snippy not believing in Captain. Later, however, it is revealed that before the DEX was caught in the explosion he was given the task of killing Snippy; and the neural network's remaining influence urging him to complete his job results in Pilot feeling a sort of malice towards the man.

His growing loyalty for Snippy post-murder is revealed in entry 209 as he sacrifices himself so Snippy doesn't die again.

He is very eager to follow in Captain's footsteps of becoming a System Wizard and regards Zeer as a sort of higher power/mentor. This, in addition to his aforementioned loyalty, causes him to try his hardest to fulfill whatever plans or tasks Zee lays out for Pilot and the rest of the main group.

Pilot seems to have a strong aversion to ANNET and all things related to her. He seems to choose not to remember his past at times, possibly because he knows that his past is unpleasant. Pilot also seems unaware or willfully ignorant that he is a DEX, and takes offense at being called such.

Pilot avoids all things that could reconnect him to ANNET when possible.

In the entries, Snippy once stated that Pilot was once in the Army, which seems to be in keeping with his green color motif, as Stalky, who was also in the army, had Green goggles before his 'transformation'. The statement has since been edited out.


Pilot with Katana and Mr. Kittyhawk

In all of his appearances, the Pilot wears a leather jacket, a vest, USSR PO-1M aviator goggles, a VSS Mig leather helmet, and a USSR MIG Pilot KM32 oxygen mask with a tube running to an unseen location beneath his coat. His goggles are green, and green is the color associated with him. He has wielded a jagged katana to chop off the limbs of The Biomatrix  and fighting against the ladybugs, however the katana was broken during the fight with Snippy.

Pilot has a stuffed puffin toy (who doubles as a phone answering machine) named Mr. Kittyhawk, who once acted as Christophorus' secretary. They are friends to a degree, however, considering that Mr. Kittyhawk informed The Biomatrix of his location, we can assume that their relationship is strained.


Christophorus' P. Hatchenson's face before the Pineapple explosion "stole" it. He is a young man with tawny skin, short styled bleach-blonde hair, and a green visor.

Christophorus' face pre-explosion

Pilot is almost always shown wearing his black leather jacket, leather helmet, mask, what appears to be military-styled boots, and green goggles. Exceptions would include entry 223 where it is shown that at least part of his face appears to be exposed skull and that his eyes consist of what appears to be multiple green buds of synthetic flesh or sensors.

In entry 16 it is revealed what Christophorus P. Hatchenson P.I. appeared as before the explosion took his face. Drawing from the image of what Christophorus P. Hatchenson P.I. looked like pre-face-explosion, it is safe to assume that underneath the mask Pilot has tawny skin and and bleach-blonde hair, if he has any hair left.

In entry 270 there is a full naked image of pilot (minus his face and with his crotch blacked out), revealing him to be muscular, have an inverted triangle body type, and to have retained his nipples and bellybutton as a DEX.


Pilot using his Katana

Aside from his presumed flying skills, implied in entry 0-28, Pilot is noted to have superhuman endurance as well as strength, as is evident in entries 5 (featuring Pilot managing to pull a heavy sleigh for an indeterminate amount of time) and 200 (Pilot is shown to pull an entire car with Zee Captain, Snippy, and the comatose body of Engie inside)

He has been shown to have the ability to jump ridiculously high and far as well as sufficiently wield a katana. He displays such in entry 60 as he attempts to save Snippy from the Biomatrix, and in the Annet's Reawakening Arc wherein he attempts (and succeeds) in murdering Snippy, breaking the katana in the process.

It is worth noting that Engineer originally called Pilot a "Green Ninja" after witnessing his skills.

He also retains a small amount of connection to the neural network, as in his entries he often cites his right eye as being able to see things that would be only viewable by someone connected to Annet. Through this connection he is able to notice the irregularities of Snippy, foreshadowing biomatrix's connection to the man in entry 0-28.

Most of Pilot's skills can be attributed to his physical status as a DEX.

Role in the Story[]

Christophorus Hatchenson was an intern in a G-Dir product manufacturing factory. One day, he noticed his tie was a little lighter colored, and, thinking someone switched his tie for a pink one, he quit his job become a Private Investigator. Hence the "Pi" in his name.

He became a DEX somehow, possibly after falling into debt.

Pilot was a DEX who was hired to hunt down Charles Snippy. He lost his face to a pineapple bomb. He found his current "face" in a history museum of past wars. He was found by Zee Captain and convinced to help Zee Captain. He bombed Eureka with Captain, as stated in the wiki on the RA comic site. Also, on pg. 26, the nuclear bombs state that a faceless DEX (Pilot) and a person with a Purple Mask (Captain) obeyed the Admin's orders and dropped them.

Pilot mentions in the diary entry that the "one million voices of Eureka still sing in my cranium. They ask me to stop... I know that they are all just dust now, and what has been done cannot be retracted." This refers to the fact that while wearing ANNET's headband or being in the range of one of her transmitter towers during his mission at Eureka, Pilot was actually able to hear the thoughts of the people he bombarded.

The top panel in Episode 62 might also refer to his discharge from the Army and his interactions with Captain, as he is holding either a picture of Captain or he is video-chatting with him. One picture refers to him possibly being arrested and later escaping his pursuers.

In the Annet's Reawakening Arc, it should be noted that he has been either reformatted by Annet or reprogramed to obey her commands, amassing an army of Annet's Zombie Minions and beginning a pursuit of the Captain and his group of survivors. It has also been suggested that Pilot was an assassin sent out by a health insurance company to destroy the Unscannable One.