Pilot by alexiuss
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Notable Colors:      Green
Occupation: Pilot
Minion of Captain
Aliases: SG Christophorus Hatchenson
First Appearance: Episode 4
Latest Appearance: Episode 96

Pilot is the third main character of Romantically Apocalyptic. He is also one of the four original main characters, the others being Captain, Sniper, and Engineer. Out of all four, Pilot is the most mentally unstable one, subject to surreal fantasy and daydreams. It was revealed in a diary entry that he was once a fighter pilot.


Pilot's obsessions include tormenting the Sniper and serving Captain. He often hallucinates, such as when he discovered a toy airplane and began to fly it around, imagining himself as being in a terse dog-fight.

He is infatuated with Captain, and believes that Sniper wants to steal his leader from him. As such, he often devises ridiculous schemes to get rid of him, including a plot to feed him to a whale. When Pilot planned to found a "Church of Captain," he tied Sniper to a couch and tried to convert him. Pilot was not pleased when Snippy refused.

Snippy states in one of his journals that Pilot was once in the Army, which seems to be in keeping with his Green color motif, as Stalky, who was also in the army, has Green goggles before his 'transformation.'

Pilot also writes that he once had a "Blue Tiara", a headband civilians wore to access ANNET, but that his is broken. It still seems to get a weak signal from ANNET, and Pilot refers to it as "A ticket to a one-way trip without a return policy," which suggests that he at least remembers it is dangerous. It is possible that Pilot's mental state is a direct result of him breaking his neural interface before ANNET was able to fully take over his mind during its' takeover.


The ra gang by jadeitor by alexiuss-d4nu45k
In all of his appearances, the Pilot wears a leather jacket, a vest, Russian bug-eye aviator goggles, a leather helmet, and a Russian KM32 gas mask with a tube running to an unseen location beneath his coat. His goggles are green, and green is the color associated with him. He has wielded a sword (or a sharpened pipe) to chop off the limbs of the monster known as "Cancer".

Pilot seems to have a stuffed puffin toy, whom he calls Mr. Kittyhawk. He believes that Mr. Kittyhawk informed Cancer of his location, but this is almost certainly more of Pilot's insane fantasy.

A tag on his jacket says SG Christophorus Hatchenson, although whether this is truly his name is unknown - in fact, Pilot states that he might have killed the original owner and taken the jacket. Given his personality and mental state, this is far from unlikely.

SG could possibly be an incorrect abbreviation of "Sergeant."

SG could also mean Star of Gallantry, a military decoration awarded to members of the Australian Defense force or other persons who have shown acts of great heroism or conspicuous gallantry in circumstances of great peril during action. Pilot's rank would not matter, as the SG can be awarded to any personnel.

If this is correct, it means Pilot could be Australian and has done something extremely heroic and brave in his past, or he killed such a person/found it on a dead body. It is possible that he was awarded the medal as a result of his flight to destroy Annet. If this is true, however, it must have been awarded before the mission began, as everyone would be too busy being dead to do so afterwards.


Pilot has never been seen without his gas mask and headgear in the comic. It is not even 100% confirmed that 'he' is actually male. A recent illustration has shown that pilot might be blonde, but this picture seems to be the work of a RA fan and not an official drawing of pilots real appearance. He could even be a robot or a cyborg for all we know! Which, would have some evidence from his abilities to strike fast and leap far, as shown from his fight with Cancer (AKA Biomatrix 117). It could be thought that his "mind" that was corrupted by ANNET could really be a memory drive of some kind, but still, it is unknown if Pilot could really be a robot or just a simple human with advanced abilities.


Aside from his presumed flying skills, Pilot has been shown to have the ability to jump ridiculously high and far. He displayed this ability in his attempt to rescue Sniper from the clutches of Cancer. In addition, he is skilled with a sword and was able to cut off a few of Cancer's tentacles before being captured and trapped with Sniper. Snippy thinks that Pilot attained these skills while in the army. It is also worth noting that Engineer originally called Pilot "a Green Ninja" after witnessing his skills.

Role in the Story

Pilot's role in the main storyline is supposedly that he was a fighter or bomber pilot who dropped nuclear weaponry on the ANNET based off of Engineer's orders, according to a diary entry.

This might perhaps contribute to understanding some of his mental instability a bit more; assuming he was relatively sane while he was in the Army. Pilot mentions in the diary entry that the "one million voices of Eureka still sing in my cranium. They ask me to stop... I know that they are all just dust now, and what has been done cannot be retracted." This refers to the fact that while wearing ANNET's headband or being in the range of one of her transmitter towers during his mission at Eureka, Pilot was actually able to perfectly hear the people he bombarded, which likely drove him to insanity.

The top panel in Episode 62 might also refer to his discharge from the Army and his interactions with Captain, as he is holding either a picture of Captain or he is video-chatting with him. One picture refers to him possibly being arrested and later escaping his pursuers.

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