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'Pilot' is the third main character of Romantically Apocalyptic. He is also one of the four original main characters, the others being Captain, Sniper andEngineer . Out of all three, Pilot is the most mentally unstable, subject to flights of fantasy and daydreams. It was revealed in a diary entree that he was once a fighter pilot.


Other than aircraft and flying, Pilot's obsessions include tormenting Sniper and serving Captain. He often hallucinates, viewing himself in a terse dogfight high in the air when in fact flying around a toy plane he discovered. He is infatuated with Captain, and believes that Sniper wants to steal Captain from him. He often devises ridiculous schemes to get rid of Sniper, including a plot to feed him to a gigantic fish. It is assumed that he is European or possibly American, but it is unclear. He found a name on the inside of his jacket called "Christophorus Hatchenson" but it is unknown if this is in fact his real name, due to his mental state, and it could really just be a jacket he found somewhere. He tried to create a "Church of Captain", and tied Sniper to a couch because he wouldn't join. It is also revealed in a diary entry that Pilot was one of the Jet Fighter Pilots contacted by Engineer to drop atomic bombs on the ANNET Computer. Snippy states in one of his journals that Pilot was onve in the army, although he would probably be discharged due to his mental instability. Pilot also writes that he once had a "Blue Tiara", a headband Civilians wore to access ANNET, but he broke it because "It was a ticket. A one-way trip without a return policy". It is possible that Pilot's mental state is a direct result of him breaking it before ANNET Could fully take over his mind, resulting in mental damage.


Pilot with Katana and Mr. Kittyhawk

In all of his appearances, the Pilot wears a leather jacket, a vest, and a gas mask with a tube running to an unseen location beneath his coat. His goggles are green, and green is the color associated with him. He has wielded a Sharpened Katana to chop off the limbs of the monster known as "Cancer". Pilot is also known to have a puffin friend called Mr.Kittyhawk. Mr.Kittyhawk has not been seen since Comic #53, after he sold out Pilot's Location to the alien monster Cancer. A recent illustration has shown that he is-supposedly-blonde.


Aside from his presumed flying skills, Pilot has been shown to have the ability to jump ridiculously high and far. He displayed this ability in his attempt to rescue Sniper from the clutches of Cancer. In addition, he is skilled with a sword and was able to cut off a few of Cancer's tentacles before being captured and trapped with Sniper. Snippy thinks that Pilot attained these skills while in the army.