Pilot by alexiuss

Pilot is the third main character in the Romantically Apocalyptic comic series. He is deamed "Mentially Insane" by fans and because he has devloped a Man-Child persona, a Father-Son Relationship with Captain, and has tried to feed Sniper to a whale to keep him away from Captain and him.


Pilot is generally shown with an obsession with aircraft or anything that flys or floats for that matter. He is mostly shown trying to kiss up to Zee Captain and is deamed to be "Mentally Insane" because he, like Zee Captain, talks to skeletons. He has tried to kill Sniper (or at least, get rid of him) once, when he fed him to a whale. He is shown to act stupid or dose off in his mask once. Even though he is known to be insane, he is sane compared to Zee Captain. He is known to be able to fight incredibly well and when he recieves orders, he acts them out. He is a teammate that can be trusted with tasks. He is possibly European.


He is shown wearing a leather jacket/Pilots Jacket. He is also shown wearing a Jet Fighter's Pilot Mask. He is shown once with a metal pipe which he uses to fight. He now carries around a Helium Tank, but it is never shown on him.


Pilot is known to be able to jump incredible hights (Used once to try to rescue Sniper from "Cancer" but failed and got caught by "Cancer" himself). He is able to beable to cut objects with blunt objects (He cut three of "Cancer's" tenticles with his Metal Pipe).

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