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Gender: Female
Species: Mutated Worm
Notable Colors:      Light Blue
First Appearance: Episode 63
Latest Appearance: Episode 136

Photoshop is a post-apocalyptic mutated creature, that is a minor character in the Romantically Apocalyptic series. Photoshop was one of the objects sent flying by Pilot due to his incessant tying of balloons to everything he came across in his attempt to find a flying machine for Captain.


Photoshop is shown to be a multiple-eyed mutated earth worm. She has only been shown four times, and has been given the name of "Photoshop" by Pilot. She is about 6 feet long, with light blue eyes, and rows of sharp teeth.

Photoshop was latest seen flying away due to Pilot's tying of balloons to her, but it is mentioned in one of Sniper's journals that Photoshop almost landed on his face. Captain and Pilot have since adopted her as a pet. She is glimpsed in the background of issue 143, where she appears to be attached to some sort of leash. The figure holding the leash can not be seen clearly enough to identify. Also, this image was before Snippy had his gun taken by Captain, but could have been at any point before that, as it is unclear how many times Pilot and Captain have sent Photoshop floating using balloons.


Photoshop's ownership is split between Pilot and Captain.

Captain painted it once with red stripes and sent it to chase Snippy and Pilot in the basement of a supermarket in order to reenact the browser war, where Photoshop was supposed to play Firefox.

Recently been sighted when Engineer bumps into it. However, this may have been a different creature that resembled Photoshop, as Engineer commented that it looked both bigger and longer. This could also be a sign that Photoshop is still growing.