Orbital ion cannon by alexiuss-d4rh0xf

The Orbital Ion Cannon is a satellite weapon system in space, aimed at the Earth's surface.


The satellite has the form of a huge barrel with five spread out solar panels (colors and measurements unknown).


The ion cannon can scramble all neural activity of organic beings and short circuit electronics.

A beam from the ion cannon leaves a crater of ~10-15m diameter.

It is unknown, whether there is more than one satellite belonging to this weapon system or whether the ion cannon can be aimed into space as well.

Role in StoryEdit

The orbital ion cannon is currently in control of the ANNET. It is activated by execution of protocol 1-1-3.

Cancer storyarc:

The ANNET used the ion cannon to destroy the main body of Biomatrix 117, the deer-form of the Lifealope and shut down the neural activity of Mr. Snippy, Pilot and Dr. Gromov, killing them. The Lifealope survived through shedding into the form of a cat and revived the latter three with its lifegiving powers. A small strand of the Biomatrix survived the attack as well and was 'captured' by Zee Captain.

Ancestors' storyarc:

The Mod uses the ion cannon to destroy Amber's royal estate and castle.

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