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Neural Inteface
Blue tiaras.png
Uses: Connecting to the ANNET.
Created By: Engineer
The Good Directorate
Owned By: Pilot (Broken)
First Appearance: 58 Episode Episode 58
Latest Appearance: 76 Episode Episode 76

Pilot calls the neural interface in his possession his 'blue tiara'.


A blue glowing transmitter and receiver, that can come in the different forms like a headband, part of glasses or an earpiece.

Role in story

Neural interfaces were used to amplify the signals from the transmitter-towers, which connected people with the ANNET-system before the apocalypse. It enabled humans to talk with their minds alone and surfing the internet at any given time even while sleeping. Shortly before the apocalypse the neural interfaces were almost no longer necessary, as the Good Directorate Inc. built more and stronger transmitter-towers, which were able to transmit the signals directly into the human brain.

Pilot still owns a broken neural interface. It even seems to get weak signals by the still operating ANNET. ANNET is calling for Pilot to come back. Pilot isn't planning to do so, as he is aware that his blue tiara is "a ticket to a one way trip without a return policy".