Uses: Holding beverages; Weapon.
Owned By: Captain
Notable Colors:      Red
First Appearance: 2 Episode Episode 2
Latest Appearance: 108 Episode Episode 108

"I've examined the underside and the inside of the mug.

No connections or seams. No false bottom. No batteries. No buttons. No coils, nothing that could possibly heat the liquid.

Ceramic. One red heart. ...Just a stupid ceramic mug." Mr. Snippy's Mugspection


Captain's mug looks like any other normal mug, meant to contain hot beaverages. It is white, with a broad black stripe and a red heart on it.

Skills and abilities

Mr. Snippy overheard the mug talking. It seems to be intelligent and it was able to follow Snippy out into the wasteland without making any sound. It seems to be able to somehow create and heat highly toxic, acidic or mabe even radioactive fluids from air. It has survived a nuclear war without any visible damage.

Role in story

Captain's favourite melee-weapon has a few dark secrets.

Neither Snippy nor Pilot are allowed to touch or refill the mug. Captain seems not to refill it either, so where does the tea he's always drinking (or throwing at his enemies) come from? And why is it always scalding hot? One theory would be Stalky secretly refilling it, but it doesn't seem, that he has been following the Captain that long already. Another theory by Mr. Snippy was, that the mug somehow refills itself by condensing water from the atmosphere, it seems not to have any visible electronic parts to do so, though. The third theory is, that nanomachines sent by the ANNET produce and heat the liquid in an attempt to poison the Captain with it.

Recently Mr. Snippy has overheard the Mug talking with the Straw and a bug, about killing the Captain - which left Mr. Snippy questioning his own sanity.

During the Biomass induced flashback to Mr. Snippy's past, there were two memories of a strange woman warning him to 'Beware the mug!' so maybe the mug is indeed some form of hired killer who is after the life of the Zee Captain.

When the Biomatrix sends Snippy to a genetic memory of one of his earliest ancestors in prehistoric time, Snippy and Biomatrix discover the mug trapped in the ice of a glacier some 10.000 years in the past. It's as of yet unkown how the mug ended up there. Snippy is convinced nevertheless, that somehow it's all Captain's fault.

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