Mr. Snippy Bomb
Uses: Weapon.
Owned By: Captain (Formerly)
First Appearance: 20 Episode Episode 20
Latest Appearance: 25 Episode Episode 25

Captain found this atomic bomb in the wasteland when searching for Mr. Snippy, who had been abducted by aliens at that time.

Pilot referres to the bomb as Snippy's atomic doppleganger.


A nuke with a portrait of Mr. Snippy doodled on the side by Captain. About ~1m long with a diameter of ~25cm.

Role in story

When Captain wasn't able to find his sniper, he drew Mr. Snippy's face on the side of a random unexploded atomic bomb he found lying around. Captain wanted someone to tell his theories to, about the aliens abducting Santa Claus.

After rescuing the real Snippy, the Mr. Snippy bomb was left by Captain as collateral on the dissection table of the flying saucer, with the obvious outcome.

It is unknown how Captain actually managed to transport the bomb into the spaceship.

Since the alien invaders union wants revenge for their destroyed property they sent their judges (Biomatrix and Arbitrator) to Earth to execute Captain.

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