Mr. Kittyhawk
Owned By: Pilot
Gender: Male (Given)
Species: Puffin Plushie
Notable Colors:      Blue
Aliases: Kittyhawk
First Appearance: 53 Episode Episode 53
Latest Appearance: 85 Episode Episode 85

Mr. Kittyhawk is a puffin plushie owned by Pilot.


Mr. Kittyhawk is a typical stuffed Puffin plushie about 8 inches tall. His eyes are blue, and it is the only other inanimate creature that Pilot interacts with, besides a skeleton.


As can be expected from an inanimate object, Mr. Kittyhawk does not move or speak. However Pilot claims to have had conversations with it.

Mr. Kittyhawk has only been seen interacting with Pilot and possibly the alien monster, Cancer.

Is it just a harmless plush toy or an evil, scheming mastermind and traitor?

Role in story

Mr. Kittyhawk apparently betrayed Pilot's location to Cancer. It is unknown how it might have accomplished this.

It was spotted again after Pilot and Sniper were revived by the Lifealope. Kittyhawk was sitting in an armchair waiting for Pilot when the latter was suddenly attacked by a large blue-blob-fiend. The monster claimed to have been hired by Mr. Kittyhawk to get rid of Pilot. Pilot managed defeated the monster but Kittyhawk disappeared again during the fight.

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