Captain's squad has encountered several monsters, mutants, and even mechanical foes in the wasteland.

Crawler Worms

A mutated, giant form of earthworms or caterpillars with grey skin, multiple eyes, and several rows of large, sharp teeth. Photoshop belongs to this species.


Nameless black shadowy creatures with glowing blueish-white eyes and multiple mantis like legs. Only one is seen briefly in Episode 62.

Giant Roaches?

Big black bug-like creatures. They are only briefly seen in Episode 62.


The average rat. They have not been as of yet, but according to one of Snippy's blogs they are the squad's main source of fresh meat.


Whales, among other huge sea-mammals and large fish, were supposedly extinct long before the apocalypse due to the Good Directorate dumping toxic waste into the water for decades. However, it appears as though at least one remains. It lives in the sea near the shore of the ruined city and seems to swallow almost anything that gets near its maw, even entire ships. It has several large partially air, water, and junk filled cavities in its body. When the whale swallowed Snippy during the test of a flying machine, Snippy turned one of those cavities into his home until he escaped through the whale's blowhole. Right before his escape Snippy stumbled upon a nest of Cake-Spiders in one of the cavities. It is unknown how the spiders ended up there.

Blue Blob Fiend

A mutant or monster that was hired by Mr. Kittyhawk to dispose of Pilot, though it was defeated. Only Pilot has seen him. The monster looked slightly human, but taller and more massive with blue skin, no hair, and tusk-like teeth. Its blood seemed to be blue as well. It was most likely a form of a mutated human, since it was able to talk with Pilot before and during the battle.

Radioactive Spiders

Tiny radioactive spiders. They were hidden in a box of chocolates that Pilot had.

Cake Spiders

Spiders or spider-like organisms that can take on the appearance of various food items such as cakes, pizza-slices, strawberries, etc. Snippy encountered a nest of them in a cavity of the whale's belly. It seems as though they use "chemical response triggering hallucination" in order to deceive their prey and lure them in.


Tiny insects discovered by the Captain in the tunnel-systems beneath the city. They look like ordinary moths or butterflies with violet wings.

Captain has seen a single, large blue butterfly in the ruins of the city as well. It was probably a different species or a mutation.

Biomatrix 117

Main article: Biomatrix 117

The Biomatrix, dubbed as "Cancer" by Captain, is an alien that was sent by the Invaders Union to execute Captain for the destruction of Commander X<II's ship and crew while saving Snippy. It failed in that mission, however, as Captain managed to elude it easily, and it was seriously weakened by an ion cannon blast from ANNET. It was seemingly finished when Captain removed it from a skeleton it had managed to cling to, thinking it was a scarf. Currently, it is with Snippy in the Arbitrator's ship.

Shapesgifting Creature

Main article: Shapeshifting Creature

The shapeshifting creature, often call "Lifealope" by fans, is an avatar of Biomatrix 117 that broke free due and was mutated by the radiation on Earth. It began recreating plant life and was almost reintegrated into the Biomatrix, though the ion cannon blast stopped that. It survived almost unharmed and revived Snippy, Pilot, and Engineer.

Recently, Stalky has been following it in an attempt to turn it into a present for Captain. It has taken control of a large Good Directorate robot in retaliation.


A humanoid mutant that can be very dangerous. Snippy was seen hiding from one. They move silently by gliding over the ice, looking for organic victims.

They are a reference to The Lord of the Rings.


No real zombies have been encountered by the team yet, but the Captain is prepared for them.


They have not been seen so far, except as map-symbol on the treasure map of Captania. They are former human ANNET users, reprogrammed by the AI to serve the machines. When the ANNET went berserk it reprogrammed the minds of all humans it was able to affect, essentially turning them into mindless zombies. In theory all ANNET-zombies should have died in the nuclear strike on the city of Eureka, but since the ANNET survived several of its zombies may have survived the attacks as well.


Avatars of the Biomatrix. They are tissue covered skeletons of various lifeforms connected by tentacles to the Biomatrix's main body. The Biomatrix uses them to communicate with other lifeforms or to attack its opponents and victims.


A giant Good Directorate robot battle station, reactivated and controlled from inside by Lifealope. The Liferobot has trees on its head that act as a larger version of the Lifealope's antlers. It seems that as long as it is controlled by the Lifealope it shares its terraforming powers.


Probably nanotech probes of unknown origin, camourflaged as harmless looking snowflakes. So far we saw two of them, with slightly different designs, one glowing blue, one red. They showed intelligence and displayed individual personalities. Their mission was to report organic activity to a 'core'. Since they were detecting organic lifeforms by their body-heat, they obviously had some inbuilt heat or infrared sensors.

Both snowflakes were destroyed by tea from Captain's mug.


Probably a bug shaped, intelligent spy-robot. It has a job offer for a capable hitman.

Hunter-Exterminator Drone

A flying drone used by the ANNET to scout the environment. They look like metal orbs the size of a beachball. They have a black main body covered with white armor plates and a single blue lens. The drones have an inbuilt flamethrower.

Before the apocalypse they were sometimes used to track single individuals like Mr. Snippy, who weren't connected to the ANNET. They tended to announce advertisements or deduct credits for obscure services of the Good Directorate from the citizens' accounts.

Alien Drone

The smartbots used by the alien invaders for kidnapping or probing kidnapped Earthlings, as well as for translation when communicating with them. These drones also take the form of orbs with a single lens, though they are far bigger than the hunter-exterminator drones. Instead of visible armor plates they have a thin crescent frame attached. When probing they cast a green light beam upon the subject.

We haven't seen any of their weapon systems in action so far, only the results of one of them breaking through an alien spaceship's hull, which was supposed to withstand any human weaponry.

The drones seem to have a severe weakness against terrestrial tea, which can scramble up their programming.

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