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The Mods and Admins are first mentioned in the memories of Lady Amber of Snippy, who is a future descendant of Charles Snippy, living several centuries after the events in the main story.


In battle the Mods are wearing full knights armors. The armor has a winged design, the full-helmet is decorated with a long wisp of black hair.

No Admins have appeared in the comic so far.

Skills and equipmentEdit

The Mods are equipped with full armor and riding armored horses. Their main power though is the ability to summon objects from the past by making use of the ANNET's systems called 'the word'.

Their strongest weapon is the protocol 1-1-3, that activates the orbital ion cannon but they can also summon heavy objects appearing at high altitude to drop them at their enemies.


Due to Amber's memories, the Mods and Admins were once hunted like witches for their powers but were finally accepted by the governor and gained status and privileges in the capitol.

They were known as the children and disciples of the 'first architect' (Dr. Gromov).

Until they found Dr. Gromov's long thought lost journal in the archives of the capitol, their summoning powers were weak and only produced useless seeming items like single shoes, fake moustaches or broken monitors. Even the most powerful of the admins was only able to at best summon broken cars. The cars' metal at least could be used to forge armors from.

All this changed with the Admins and Mods learning about protocol 1-1-3 from Engie's journal. With the power over the orbital ion cannon on their side they started a revolt in the capitol and began a military campaign against the local hosts (nobles).

With the power of the 1-1-3 protocol a single Mod was able to destroy the whole castle of Lady Amber's family, killing her in the process.

It seems the knowledge from the journal also increased the Mods control over their normal summoning powers, as the same Mod smashed a few avatars of the Biomatrix by summoning a school bus falling from the sky.

With their reckless use of the ANNET's powers, it may just be a matter of time until the seemingly inactive AI will reawaken.

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