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Episodes: Episode 86, Episode 87, Episode 89, Episode 94, Episode 99, Episode 101, Episode 102, 118 , 174 ongoing.

When Stalky first spots the shapeshifting Lifealope in the form of a three eyed bunny with antlers, he gets the brilliant idea to catch it and turn its fur into a pair of slippers for his beloved Captain.

Lifealope manages to escape Stalky several times before it comes about a broken robotic battlestation. Lifealope enters the giant robot and reactivates it from inside, partially fusing with it and turning it into the Liferobot. Stalky tricks the Lifealope to get inside the robot, too, planning to take over the battlestation. His plan backfires, as the Lifealope catches him and proceeds to read his memories, just like the Biomatrix read the memories of the Sniper and the Pilot.

Stalky's memories show him traveling the wasteland searching for other survivors and loosinng all hope until he comes upon a map guiding to the treasure of Captania. Getting lost due to all the landmarks on the map being off, Stalky stumbled into an undetonated biological bomb and came into contact with a strange pink ooze, right after accidentally breaking the filter of his gasmask. Inhaling fumes from the pink ooze, Stalky develops the obsession to stalk the Captain.

One of ANNET's Hunter-Exterminator Drones reactivate in a patch of living, green shrubbery and calls in the gardeners at once to destroy this organic-life-supporting environment. Among the plants it discoveres a lifeform-storage pod. From the storage pod emerges Stalky, covered up in moss. 

The Liferobot proceeds walking through the city ruins, finally deteriorating and turning itself into a giant tree, seeding plant life across a large area of the city.