Lemonade Cultists: a cult based around an ingredients label from a lemonade bottle. They were living in the tunnel system below the ruined cityscape. The leader of this group was smashed by a burning monorail train with a jet engine strapped to the top that crashed into their 'church'. The group believed that Captain, who emerged from that train, was their "great prophet Lemonade" who had returned to make them delicious. Only after Captain treated the cult terribly they changed their mind, throwing him into the 'Pit of sugary death'. The Captain survived though, by drinking all the contents of the death pit with his straw. The group still exists, of the former (at least) 26 members only one was confirmed killed during the events in the comic (pit supervisor). It is shown that sometime in the future, a group of cavemen are worshiping Captain and spreading the legend of him escaping the death pit. Other paintings on the wall depict "An ufo landing" "A red animal being attacked by 3 warriors" "a two headed giraffe" and "3 warriors fighting a giant 6 armed monster" it's worth noting that of the 3 warriors, only one has a projectile weapon (Snippy?) this could have hinted towards The Biomass 117 attacking the squad VERY early on in the comic. See as well Cave-Paintings in the Eastereggs section.

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