Episodes: Episode 7 through Episode 15.

It should be noted that this Story Arc takes place during the Cancer Story Arc.

  • When Captain mounts a jet-engine on a train, he and Snippy crash into the underground church of the Lemonade cultists. The cultists, believing that the label of a Lemonade bottle is a holy text prophesying that one day their god will arrive riding a chariot of fire, mistake Captain for their great prophet and begin to worship him.
  • Captain uses his new influence to get served scorching hot tea and have a 100ft statue of his boot built. The cultists learn soon, that it is very hard to please zee Captain. Even their revolt and the deathpit they throw him into are sub par in Captain's eyes.
  • Captain escapes by drinking the contents of the sugary deathpit with his straw and makes his way back through a system of caves, filled with moths/butterflies, a birthday party and hungry mutants.
  • Captain finally reaches the surface followed by the crawler worm mutant later named Photoshop, who apparently wants a piece of the birthdaycake, that Captain secured at the party earlier.
  • In the meantime Mr. Snippy, who had the entire time been trapped in the trainwreck, gets bored and decides to pass the time with a rubic's cube. Upon succeeding with solving it, he suddenly gets loose and decides to look for Captain.
  • Snippy finds Captain at a Mc Donalds, drinking tea and telling stories to a skeleton and the crawler worm.
  • Captain wonders, why Mr. Snippy seems to be slightly angry with him.
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