Lady Amber
Gender: Female
Occupation: Noblewoman
First Appearance: Episode 109
Latest Appearance: Episode 113

Time: Suspected Future (Charles Snippy's Descendant)

Amber is a young woman with very long red hair. Her dreams are showing her nightmares of a dead world and a figure without a face or the faces of millions. In her dreams the faceless one (The Captain) is planning to consume the dark vortex (black hole) with a straw. Furthermore, her dreams tell her that she is the faceless one's servant, and that it will come searching for her. Upon awakening, she decides to visit her "guardian angel", a being she remembers to have always seen in mirrors instead of her own reflection. Amber refers to her angel as her black and white knight. Her reflection turns out to show the Sniper (Charles Snippy).

During the day Amber is warned by a knight of the chalice, that admins took over the capital and sent mods armed with the word to get rid of the local hosts. Amber does not believe in an uprising of the admins and instead assumes the chalice Knight went insane while searching for the infinite grail (the Captain's coffee mug). She decides to stay in her home and await, whatever may come.

It seems the admins and mods are a fraction of followers of the first architect (Dr. Gromov), who are able to summon mostly useless items from the past (single shoes, stretchy pants, cars, moustachs etc.). They have been searching for the first architect's journal, an item that Lady Amber believes is as unlikely to exist as the infinite chalice.

While Amber watches a group of Lifewalkers, apparently offspring of the Lifealope, a mod on horseback approaches and summons hellfire down on her. In Lady Amber's time the moon shows the "G-symbol" of the Good Directorate Inc. and is partially destroyed.

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