Chalice knight

A Chalice Knight warns Lady Amber of the Mod's arrival.

The Knights of the Chalice are presumably Captain's future followers, who are on a quest to find the "infinite grail" or "chalice" (Mug).


The Chalice Knight which appeared to Lady Amber is similar in appearance to the Mod who arrived later on. Riding on horses, they wear much brighter armor than the Mods , as well as having a bright red cape and heart on their chest (symbolizing the Mug).

Role in the Story

Chalice knight unmasked

Knight grows worried as Amber refused to leave her home.

A Chalice Knight first appeared to Amber during Snippy's look into the future (by the Biomatrix). He was attempting to convince her to run away, as her account faced termination by the Mods, whose Admins had begun a revolt against the city. The Mods had been sent out to kill the local hosts, one of which was Lady Amber. However, she did not agree to leave her home, so he warned her to prepare for the Mod's arrival, saying that "MAY THE BOTTOMLESS CHALICE SCALD THY FOE AND DROWN ALL OF THY SORROWS."
Dead chalice knights

Dead Chalice Knights seek revenge against the Mod who killed them before they could even initiate their surprise attack.

Later, as Amber was killed, a few of the Chalice Knights nearby were camping to prepare for a surprise attack against the Mod. However, they were killed by Protocol 113 before they could even begin to rebel against the Mod.

Later, when they sought revenge against the Mod (and get his eyebrows), he simply chanted "R / SCHOOLBUS" which brought a giant school bus crashing down from the skies.

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