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[ The mug and the straw]
[ The mug and the straw]
==The [[Mug]]==
"''I've examined the underside and the inside of the mug. ''
No connections or seams.
No false bottom.
No batteries.
No buttons.
No coils, nothing that could possibly heat the liquid.
''Ceramic. One red heart.''
...Just a stupid ceramic mug.''" Mr. [[Sniper|Snippy]]'s [ Mugspection]''
[[Captain]]'s mug looks like any other normal mug, meant to contain hot beaverages. It is white, with a broad black stripe and a red heart on it. It has it's secrets, though. Neither Snippy nor [[Pilot]] are allowed to touch or refill it. Captain seems not to refill it either, so where does the tea he's always drinking (or throwing at his enemies) come from? And why is it always scalding hot?
Recently Mr. Snippy has overheard [ the Mug talking with the Straw and a bug], about killing the Captain - which left Mr. Snippy questioning his own sanity.
During the [[Biomatrix 117|Biomass]] induced flashback to Mr. Snippy's past, there were two memories of a strange woman warning him to 'Beware the mug!' so maybe the mug is indeed some form of hired killer who is after the life of the Zee Captain.
When the Biomatrix sends Snippy to a genetic memory of one of his earliest ancestors in prehistoric time, Snippy and Biomatrix discover the mug trapped in the ice of a glacier some 10.000 years in the past. It's as of yet unkown how the mug ended up there. Snippy is convinced nevertheless, that somehow it's all Captain's fault.
==The [[straw]]==
To drink without removing his gasmask, the [[Captain]] uses a white bendy Straw. Due to an incident in the past he isn't willing to share it with anybody. According to [[Sniper|Mr. Snippy]] this is [ the only non-radioactive straw] in a radius of 10,000 miles.
In his [ Ask-blog] Captain has stated, that the Straw likes 'hugs' almost as much as the [[ANNET]] and would probably kill anybody besides himself. Since the Straw was seen by Mr. Snippy [ plotting with the Mug and a bug ]to kill the Captain, this might actually be true.
==The bag of Cancer summoning aka the Hello [[Cancer Purse|Cancer purse]]==
An all purpose mobile storage device found by [[Captain]] on the arm of a mannequin doll in the wasteland. The bag is a black ladies-handbag with a happy cat's face doodle on one side. According to Mr.[[Sniper| Snippy]]'s memories, bags like this one seem to have been popular fashion accessories [ before the apocalypse].
The label inside states that the bag's materials were known to the State of California to cause cancer, aside some instructions to never eat or wash the purse or to ever remove said label.
Captain handed the bag to Mr. Snippy, who had just lost his rifle, as an alternate means of self defense. It was taken from him by a [[Other Survivors|group of hostile wastelanders]] shortly after, though, and was probably burnt to ashes when their hideout was destroyed.
==The [[Recruitment Note|recruitment note]]==
A flier written by [[Captain]] in the hopes to attract more minions to the ranks of his army. It read:
"HELLO SIR OR MADAM! I am recruiting for the most AMAZING ARMY! It would be the most benefactory for YOU to join! Cheers, ZEE Captain" along with a self portrait of the Captain.
The note was crumpled up and torn to shreds by an enraged [[Engineer|Dr. Gromov]].
[[Stalky]] seems to have found and restored the note later, decorating his [ hideout] with it.
==[[Box of Radioactive Spiders|Box of radioactive Spiders]]==
A pretty, big, black box with a red stripe and a heart on it. [[Pilot]] thought it may contain chocolates, but it was unfortunately full of [[Monsters and hostiles|radioactive spiders]] (probably of the [[Monsters and hostiles|Cake-spider subspecies]] that was encountered at a different time by [[Sniper|Snippy]]).
The box was left empty on a bench somewhere in the wasteland. But it looks like a certain [[Stalky|Stalker]] has more of them in his [ hideout].
==[[Red Balloon|Red balloons]]==
The only flying machine [[Pilot]] has managed to get to work so far was [ a lawnchair with dozens of red, helium filled balloons tied to it]. Pilot has tied the same sort of balloons to almost [[Eastereggs|anything else]] he came across in the wasteland as well, even an enraged crawler monster, which he later named [[Photoshop]].
==[[Mr. Kittyhawk]]==
The 'evil' plush toy companion of [[Pilot]]. The origin and the current whereabouts of the stuffed puffin are unknown.
==The [[pinwheel]]==
A pretty four-coloured pinwheel found by [[Pilot]] somewhere in the wasteland. Its qualities as a flying machine have yet to be tested.
==The red [[scooter]]==
A toy discovered by the [[Captain]] in a display window of a shop for the incredible x-mas special sales price of only 99.99. The Captain had to get a [ loan from the G-Directorate Federal Reserve Bank] to buy it, nevertheless.
==The [[Geiger Counter|Geiger-counter]]==
A device for measuring radioactivity, found in the wasteland by [[Sniper|Mr. Snippy]]. It looks like a yellow painted metal box with a handle, a display and several warning lamps. A cable connects the box to a yellow rod with the radiation sensor inside. It's main purpose is to make sure Snippy never has to eat radioactive soup again.
So far it has been used to confirm one thing: The [[Captain]] is 'HOT STUFF!'
A birthday cake discovered by [[Captain]] in the underground tunnel system, surrounded by a group of skeletons with party-hats. We can only guess how stale, radioactive or spoiled the slice was that the Captain took with him. It still looked delicious, though (several layers chocolate/vanilla?, pink frosting, with a candle on top).
The slice of cake was used as a lethal weapon against an [[The Aliens|alien]] weapon-officer. Captain managed to throw the cake hard enough that it litterally bashed the alien's helmet in.
It is unknown what happened to the rest of the cake, either it was left behind in the cave where it was found, eaten, or quite possibly stored away by Captain for later use.
==[[Neural Interface|Blue Tiara]]==
A broken neural interface in [[Pilot]]'s possession, of the kind that were used to connect people with the [[ANNET]] before the apocalypse. It still seems to get a weak signal via the ANNET, calling for Pilot to come back.
Pilot isn't planning to do so, as he is aware that it is "a ticket to a one way trip without a return policy".
==[[Pants Parachute]]==
Zee [[Captain]] robbed an [[The Aliens|alien]] commander of it's pants to turn them into a parachute. With this item he and [[Sniper|Snippy]] safely managed to escape from aboard the damaged flying saucer.
==[[Mr. Snippy Bomb]]==
A nuke with a portrait of [[Sniper|Mr. Snippy]] doodled on the side. Was left by the [[Captain]] as collateral on the dissection table of a flying saucer. Also referred to as Snippy's atomic doppleganger.
==[[Property Note]]==
A note reading 'PROPERTY OF CAPTEIN' with a large selfportrait of the [[Captain]] on it. [[Other Survivors|Hostile wastelanders]] found it on [[Sniper|Mr. Snippy]].
Ironically it was probably this note that saved Snippy's life from being turned into a [[Monsters and hostiles|Cancer zombie]] by the [[Biomatrix 117|Biomass]]. Since the Biomass needed surrogate evidence against the Captain, it only tried to catch and interrogate his minions instead of completely assimilating them like it did with the other wastelanders.
==[[Captania Treasure Map|Captania Treasure-Map]]==
Map found by [[Stalky]] in the wasteland. Drawn by [[Captain]] (or maybe [[Pilot]])? Captain's image is seen on top of it. A map of Captania, with an X marking the spot where the 'treasure of Captania' is hidden.
The map shows several landmarks and dangers as:
- "We don't need no roads" - [ rainbowbridge]
- [[Monsters and hostiles|Crawler Worm Monster]] ([[Photoshop]]?)
- inactive Mecha ( -> [[Monsters and hostiles|Liferobot]])
- [[ANNET]] [[Monsters and hostiles|drone]]
- [[Monsters and hostiles|Hunter Wraith]]
- [[The Good Directorate|G-Cube]]
- ANNET-[[Monsters and hostiles|Zombies]]?
==The Rubix Cube==
A toy in [[Sniper|Mr. Snippy]]'s possession he uses to pass the time, when he is bored.
==Letter by Pilot==
A taunting letter sent to[[Sniper| Mr. Snippy]], who was trapped inside a [[Monsters and hostiles|whale]] at that time. Made Snippy angry enough to fight his way out of the whale's blowhole, row all the way back to the beach and beat up [[Pilot]].
==Holy Parchment==
Holy script worshipped by the [[Other Survivors|lemonade cultists]]. It's actually a sticker from a softdrink bottle.

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This is an overview-list of the most important items, which the Captain and his minions have either in their possession or discovered in the wasteland. For more informations about a certain object of interest, please follow the links to the related main articles.

The mug and the straw

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