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Annie's flying fortress.

Red Panda is the codename for a flying fortress under the control of the ANNET.


The fortess is a huge metal cube that floats over the ruins of Eureka. A hologram of a red panda head is projected from it.

The exact measurements of the fortress are unknown but the cube seems to be of at least 50m edge lenght.

It is unknown whether it is the Good Directorate Cube, or another giant building built by ANNET.

Properties, defenses and armaments[]

As the term flying fortress implies, Red Panda can at least levitate . It is unknown, whether or how fast it can be moved.

A stained glas window from Amber's future showing a cube shaped hole in a mountain indicates that the fortress might have a base/hangar to dock at.

So far the fortress has not been shown using weapon- or shielding-systems.

The ANNET seems to use the installation as its main base. It has a functional android/robotic body inside the cube. The android seems to be damaged to a certain degree. It is unknown, whether the ANNET wasn't able to repair the damage on her own or whether she decided that it was superficial damage only that didn't need repair.

Role in story[]

Ancerstors storyarc:

Pilot has been abducted to the installation Red Panda when he tried to fend of a ladybug that was plotting to kill his Captain. ANNET is planning to reconnect the minion to its grid.

Installation of Red Panda[]


Cube-shaped bots maintain the Server installation Red Panda, they are called the "Flesh Harvesting Committee" by Snippy and Captain creates a holiday based upon them.