Everybody is Steve?

For some reason everybody in the story we meet, besides the maincharacters seems to be named 'Steve'

Are there any more Steve-sightings beyond the Lemonade-storyarc?

Captain's Shoppinglist

What are those necessary essentials Snippy is supposed to find in the wasteland?

    List 1.png
    List 2.png
  • A SONG
  • PIE
  • LOVE

No surprise the Captain used a whole roll of toilet paper to write this wishlist down on.

The umbrella and moustache have come in handy so far, with Captein using the umbrella to slow his falling.

Things that fly

Pilot has found a bunch of balloons and a flask of helium, so it's time to test them before building the flying machine for Captain. So what will fly?

Aren't 2 of the things actually somewhere on Captain's shoppinglist? (3 if you count Photoshop as new subordinate.)


When Captain escaped from the lemonade cultists, we got to see a cavepainting of somewhen in the future. It's a foreshadowing of the squad's battle against the aliens, Biomass and the appearance of the Lifealope. One of the figures has as of yet been unidentified: The multiarmed red creature. Another avatar of the Biomass or a foe yet to come? Maybe it's the gigantic lobster that Captain rides ...

Vitaly S.

The hidden signature of the Author on many different pages.

Alone in this picture are two of them.

Sandwich Malfunction

Why would pre-apocalyptic Snippy try to strangle a very delicious looking sandwich and accuse it of trying to turn him into seafood? Actually some of his memories got mixed up, while he was trapped in the Biomass.

  1. The first is a memory of Snippy himself after escaping from the whale, trying to kill Pilot on the frozen beach
  2. Next we see him and Pilot still stuck in the Biomass, where Snippy strangles an invisible foe.
  3. The next switch is to a memory of Snippy being in the office of the G-Directorate before the apocalypse, trying to eat his unfortunate lunch.

Obviously Snippy switched between the memories just in the wrong moment, and thought his hands were closing around Pilot's neck.

It is far less obvious to make the connection between the scenes in the comic, as there is a page with the Lifealope in between.

(More infos about Pilot, Whale, Good-Directorate)

Captain of the past

Snippy met Captain already before the apocalypse. First sign of him in the Sniper's memory, when trapped in the Biomass is a display with a picture of Captain in the subway Snippy takes to work.

And then there is Snippy sitting at his office-desk, but what's far more interesting is, what's going on there in the background...

Who's that Hero?

So the apocalypse has just been a dream? Mr. Snippy is in the subway on the way to his awful job? But aside from a poster of Captain, there is something else on the display screens behind Mr. Snippy.

Here is a close-up.

The impossible Rubix Cube

While being trapped in a crashed subway, Mr. Snippy passes time by solving a rubix cube. His success is even more impressive considering:

That it had 7 (seven) different colors!

Immortal Captain?

Pilot claims to be in possession of photographic evidence, that Captain is immortal. Snippy claims it's photoshopped. Who may be right?

A good worker drone is...

...what exactly? Only part of the sentence can be read above the windows in the room with the public terminal. According to a comment by Alexiuss the answer is: "delicious!"

What time is it?

Snippy states in his Blog entries, that the squad has no working means of measuring time, but Captain is actually wearing what appears to be a wristwatch. If it's not for measuring time, what is Zee Captain actually using it for?

Where is Santa?

When the flying saucer appears, Captain concludes in a conversation with the Mr.Snippy Bomb, that the aliens must have abducted Santa Claus. But actually in the last frame of page #20 the rubble right next to the Captain looks a lot like...

The "Creation of Snippy"

When Mr. Snippy is caught by the Biomass, Pilot tries to rescue him.

The rescue attempt was inspired by the "Creation of Adam" from the Sistine Chapel.

The End of the World is no excuse

...for being later for work, if only public transit was on time...

Yep the guy with the hat (last 3 panels) is still sitting in the subway on the way to his job.

Shrinking Universe

Why is the universe shrinking? (And why isn't mentioned ever again after Episode 28? Even though we all seemed doomed?)

This is the explanation for everything!

The problem has been solved due to massive protests by the DA-artists in the meantime.

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Snippy's coat gets mirrored sometimes, seen for example in the first panel of Episode 18. Since the pattern of his jacket is not symmetrical, it can be seen easily, that the black part of his hood is suddenly on the other side in the next panels. Only explanation:

There must be a mirror universe out there...

Who reads this message?

Scribbles left (everywhere?) in the wasteland:

  • Snippy was is here.
  • Clean me D:(
  • (There should be a few more, help finding them all!)
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