Captania Treasure Map
Uses: Map of landmarks in the dead city.
Created By: Captain's Crew
Owned By: Captain's Crew (Formerly)
First Appearance: 101 Episode Episode 101
Latest Appearance: 102 Episode Episode 102

Map found by Stalky in the wasteland. Drawn by Captain (or maybe Pilot)? Captain's image is seen on top of it. A map of Captania, with an X marking the spot where the 'treasure of Captania' is hidden.

The map shows several landmarks and dangers as:

- "We don't need no roads" - rainbowbridge

- Crawler Worm Monster (Photoshop?)

- inactive Mecha ( -> Liferobot)

- ANNET drone

- Hunter Wraith

- G-Cube

- ANNET-Zombies?

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