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The borderless country of Captania was founded in the year 20_ something something after the apocalypse, by the Captain. The Captain is the governor as well as the top military leader of Captania.

Captania's capital so far is the ruins of Eureka, at least until the Captain finds or builds a more "impressing" one. The seat of government is wherever the Captain decides to set up his base.

The total number of citizens is left unclear, though Captain once mentioned a total of 4 inhabitants during the shrinking universe crisis. Since the Engineer had not been one of his minions at that point, the fourth citizen is left for speculation. Captain may have counted his beloved billboard, the coffee mug, Mr. Kittyhawk or maybe Photoshop. Since then, a few more characters have shown up within Captania's territory.

Captania HolidaysEdit

  • Flying day
  • Boxing Day (Installation Red Panda Server Bots)
  • Niagara Falls day
  • Rememberance of the past day
  • Sunshine parade day
  • Opposite bath day
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