Cancer Purse
The purse
Uses: "All purpose mobile storage device."
"Summoning Cancer"
Owned By: Captain (Formerly)
Sniper (Formerly)
First Appearance: Episode 29
Latest Appearance: Episode 58

An all purpose mobile storage device found by Captain on the arm of a mannequin doll in the wasteland.


The bag is a black ladies-handbag with a happy cat's face doodle on one side. According to Mr. Snippy's memories, bags like this one seem to have been popular fashion accessories before the apocalypse.

The label inside states that the bag's materials were known to the State of California to cause cancer, aside some instructions to never eat or wash the purse or to ever remove said label.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Can it really summon Cancer?

Role in storyEdit

Captain handed the bag to Mr. Snippy, who had just lost his rifle, as an alternate means of self defense. It was taken from him by a group of hostile wastelanders shortly after, though, and was probably burnt to ashes when their hideout was destroyed.

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