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Uses: Weapon; Stale food.
Owned By: Captain (Formerly)
First Appearance: 12 Episode Episode 12
Latest Appearance: 23 Episode Episode 23

A birthday cake discovered by Captain in the underground tunnel system, surrounded by a group of skeletons with party-hats.


A still delicious looking cake with candles on top. It had several layers probably of chocolate and vanilla cream flavor and a pink frosting.

Role in story

We can only guess how stale, radioactive or spoiled the slice of cake was, that the Captain took with him.

The crawler worm monster Photoshop followed Captain from its underground dwellings to the surface to get a piece of it. Captainwasn't willing to share though.

It was used as a lethal weapon against an alien weapon-officer. Captain managed to throw the cake hard enough that the slice litterally bashed the alien's helmet in.

It is unknown what happened to the rest of the cake, either it was left behind in the cave where it was found, eaten, or quite possibly stored away by Captain for later use.

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