Uses: storage device for solid and liquid substances, fashionable headgear, trap.
Owned By: Engie
First Appearance: Episode 129
Latest Appearance: Episode 137

A huge bucket filled with glue, part of the perimeter defenses of Captania headquarters. It got stuck to Engie's head, when he sprang a trap, while trying to return to the squad.


A white or grey plastic bucket with a metal handle. Height ~60cm, diameter ~40cm.  There is a Property-of-Captain note attached to it, upside down. It is filled with glue.

Role in StoryEdit

When Engie returned alone to the base after the attack of the Arbitrator was warded off, he accidentally set off several insidious traps, placed by Captain, that were designed to keep intruders out. One of the traps being a bucket with glue placed over a door.

Thanks to the glue Engie was not able to remove the bucket himself and almost got shot by Mr. Snippy who confused the noises the engineer made with an approaching Photoshop.

Engie was freed of the bucket when an annoyed Photoshop pulled it off his head. The bucket was probably destroyed and eaten by the worm mutant.

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