Biomatrix 117
Notable Colors:      Red
Occupation: "Defence Representative"
Aliases: Biomass 117
First Appearance: 36 Episode Episode 36
Latest Appearance: 107 Episode Episode 107


The Biomass was sent to earth as a judge by the alien Invaders' Union. It's purpose was to find, capture, judge and execute the individual known as Zee Captein, for several crimes against their union members (causing death of two alien crewmembers, destruction of a spaceship and theft of a pair of pants).

During the Biomass' arrival on Earth, one of it's strings mutated in the radioactive environment of the wasteland and was lost to the Biomass. The lost string took on the purpose of terraforming the wasteland, by projecting chlorophyllic life on it and became the shapeshifting creature known as the Lifealope.

Due to a misunderstanding that included a 'bag of cancer summoning' Captain has renamed the Biomass to 'Cancer'.



The Biomass is not a single individual but composed of hundreds of absorbed and assimilated organic bodies, humans and animals alike. The assimilated bodies show different stages of decay from blood and tissue covered skeletons to completely preserved bodies. The Biomass can form its body freely, and is seen as a formless blob, a giant spider and also a snake. Its current form is a rather fashionable scarlet scarf though, sported by Zee Captain. Its main form of communication is using bloodred tissue covered skeleton avatars that are connected to its main body, to converse with its opponents.

Role in Story

The Biomass first appeared in the hideout of a group of hostile wastelanders, who had recently captured Mr. Snippy. The Biomass assimilated the wastelanders and tried to capture and interrogate Snippy about the whereabouts of the Captain. When Snippy escaped its grasp, he indeed accidentally led the Biomass to Captain's location.

To find surrogate evidence against Captain, Biomass finally integrated first Snippy and then Pilot, to search their minds for memories of him.

The memory scan revealed some background information about the time before the apocalypse, Snippy's and Pilot's everyday life in the wasteland and even more questions about the Captain.

Captain used the time to slip away and search for more minions. But his attempts at hiring the Engineer plus the massive amount of organic matter located in a small area, drew the ANNET's attention to the scene. ANNET sending a hunter drone first destroyed some of the Biomass' skeleton avatars and later fired an orbital ion cannon at it's main body.

Only a small fraction of the Biomass survived the ion cannon attack. In a last ditch attempt to kill the Captain it turned itsef into a snake. However it didn't factor in Captains' quick thinking and ingenuity, which showed him grabbing it and knotting it into a scarf that he now wears rather dashingly around his neck.

The Biomass was able to send back a message about its defeat to the Invader's union. So the arrival of another 'judge' to carry on the case against the Captain was just a matter of time.

Upon the appearance of the Arbitrator, it found it's way into Mr. Snippy's backpack, much to the sniper's dread. It seems not overly aggressive though, and instead suggested that Snippy should claim 'diplomatic immunity'.

As it turned out, the Biomass was actually supposed to be the Captain's defense representative.

When the Arbitrator activates a black hole to destroy the Earth, Snippy, who is trapped on the Arbitrator's ship and can only watch the destruction, asks the Biomass to take him back to a memory so he doesn't have to witness the end of his home planet. The Biomass actually grants his wish but instead of showing him one of his own memories it sends him back into the genetic memories of his ancestors, resulting Snippy to 'wake up' as a caveman. It seems the Biomass is planning to haunt his memories.

The Biomass has explained that reviewing memories is not real timetravel and wont change any events that already happened in the past.

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