The Ancestors Story Arc of the webcomic "Romantically Apocalyptic" started Issue 88 and is currently still ongoing.

The new story arc begins with Mr. Snippy being attacked by a hostile, talking snowflake of unknown origin. Captain solves the problem by tossing a mug full of his tea into the face of the sniper.

In a conversation with Pilot about the new squadmember Engie and Captain's mug, Snippy learns to his surprise, that Pilot is not the one who supplies Captain with tea. Since Snippy hasn't done so either, nor ever seen Captain refilling the mug, the sniper decides to inspect the mysterious object, while Captain and Engie are away.

Snippy is not able to find anything out of the ordinary about the mug, before he is discovered, touching it, by Pilot, who tackles the unfortunate Sniper to the ground. This is, when a ladybug flies into the scene and starts a dialog with the mug about the progress of an seemingly ongoing assassination attempt.

Snippy overhears the conversation. The sniper is convinced, that he is going insane due to radiation poisoning.

The ladybug annoyed by the inability of the mug, offers Mr. Snippy a job as a hired killer. The target being Captain.

Pilot, who witnessed the whole exchange as well, runs off to warn the governor. The ladybug goes after him, leaving a very confused sniper behind.

Upon returning, Captain sends Mr. Snippy to search for Pilot, but the latter has disappeared without a trace.

When planning to report back to Captain, Snippy walks in on the mug, the ladybug and even the straw, plotting on poisoning Captain.

Terrified, Snippy decides to look for his crewmates in the wasteland, unable to find any of them. he soon notices, that he is being followed. To his dread it turns out to be the Captain's mug.

While Snippy tries to get information about Pilot's whereabouts out of the mug, Captain shows up. The Captain sitting on a chair on very thin ice.

Captain demands his mug back but Snippy, trying to protect Captain, refuses and threatenes to destroy the mug instead.

At this point the Arbitrator arrives on Earth. It is the second representative of the alien invaders union, sent to capture the Captain. Snippy is briefly disintegrated and restored by the Arbitrator.

The Arbitrator claimed, that a local scan for intelligent bipedes showed only Mr. Snippy in the vicinity. Due to the sniper holding the mug, the alien concluded, that Snippy and Captain were one and the same person.

Snippy did not believe in the Captain being a split personality of himself but to his complete surprise he found the Captain's gasmask, goggles, hat and the red scarf in his backpack, instead of the supplies he was sure to have brought along.

Remembering back all the strange unexplainable things always happening to Captain, Snippy suffered a deep identity crisis.

The sniper also remembered the days shortly before the apocalypse, when the science team he guided into the deadzone fell victim to the 'wishing well'-anomaly and the scientists began killing each other for power. It turned out that while Snippy tried to block out the anomalie's voice, promising him to grant every one of his wishes, he fears, that he might subconsciously have caused the apocalypse since he was sick of the ANNET-controled humanity. When the sniper returned from the ill fated tour much later, the city of Eureka was already destroyed. Snippy isn't even sure, whether the plan of the 1% to destroy the ANNET's transmitter towers was carried out, or whether he himself had sabotaged the ANNET's core before going out on that last tour.

... will continue later...

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